This Honda Vigor is the only one left in the UK

The Vigor was all but killed off by the original Lexus ES300, making it one of the rarest cars on the road. This 1990 example has just been verified as the last one in Britain

The third-generation Honda Vigor remains a curiosity to petrolheads out with the Japanese or U.S market. Competing against the Toyota Chaser and Nissan's Laurel for the flagship title of Japan’s most decadent saloon, Honda’s longitudinally mounted five-cylinder provided smooth power and steadfast reliability within a conservatively-styled body.

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Rebadged as the Acura Vigor for the North American market, stripped of all grace and poise in the process, the Vigor may have arrived in showrooms before the Lexus ES300, but once the new luxury vehicle division from Toyota hit showrooms Honda’s Vigor was trumped.

As such, second-hand values remained low and the small number that found buyers were run into the ground with little mechanical sympathy. It’s why finding a healthy one gets us excited – although we’re not sure that’s something to be proud of…

However, there’s even more curiosity with this 1990 CB5 Honda Vigor FF Midship as it currently resides in Britain – where the vehicle was never officially sold. Holding such a woeful survival rate, this is the only one left in the UK.

Not to be confused with the American Vigor; this Japanese version is shorter, narrower, much lighter, and more aesthetically pleasing. Under the bonnet, there is a torquey 165bhp five-cylinder G20a engine boasting rude health.

The vendors reason for sale comes from personal disputes ‘after a break-up’, with his cars reluctantly up for sale to fund solicitor fees.

‘It's sickening as I'm a real enthusiast for rare and retro JDM cars, but priorities come first,’ the advert states.

Although the bodywork and mechanicals are listed as being in ‘fabulous condition for its age’, the Honda does have a few shortfalls.

There is no current MoT and the Automatic Gear Position Sensor, located at the bottom of the gearbox itself, needs repaired or re-aligned.

It's currently showing the wrong gear on the dashboard, whichever gear you select still works as intended, but it means you can’t get the key out in park - you have to push the override switch in beside the gearstick. Also, to start the car you need to have it in Neutral, which is only achievable at current by disconnecting the battery.

But now the good bits! It’s the only example registered in the UK, verified by VOSA. It’s unmodified and, at 42,000 on the odometer, low mileage too.

There was even recent interest from an American collector, but the shipping costs were too high to make purchase justifiable.

At the time of posting, the only other examples for sale on the internet are one in America, one in Australia, a few in Russia, and a small handful from Japan. Looking for something different? Give this Honda a try.

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