1341bhp concept car is Holden's 70th Birthday gift

All-electric racer celebrates 50 years since Holden's first Bathurst victory and 70 years of the Australian brand producing cars.

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If you live in Australia you are either a Ford or a Holden guy, you can’t be both. When these two tribes go to war at the nations most famous motorsport event, the Bathurst at Mount Panorama, it is the automotive equivalent of a boxing match. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Holden’s first victory at the event and the 70th of the first Holden car, so to celebrate the Ozzy brand has revelled a 1,341bhp Bathurst vision of the future.

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Called the Time Attack Concept Racer, this sleek single-seater was designed to obliterate the current Bathurst lap record by completing the 3.85-mile track in under 1 minute 30 seconds. To theoretically achieve this lap time (there are no plans to build the car) the concept takes advantage of many technologies that have been banned in Formula One. Advanced aerodynamic surfaces such as a double floor, fans to create downforce at low speed, rubber skirts, and an active rear wing creates a vacuum that glues the car to the track. This aerodynamic trickery means that at race pace it can generate up to 6.5G laterally.

Powering the car is a battery and four electric motors that instantly produce 1,341bhp. Even more impressive is the 2,389lb ft of torque it possesses allowing for a 0-62mph time of just 1.25 seconds. Top speed? Just shy of 300mph. Obviously this concept is a flight of fancy, a 90 second battery charging time is pure fantasy today, but his has allowed designer Ewan Kingsbury and his team plenty of freedom.

Holden has had a long association with cars, but its first was ‘The Holden’ in 1948. 70 years ago this pickup truck became a point of pride in Australia and received so many orders that there was a waiting list of over a year.

Holden said it revealed the car virtually as Austrlia no longer has a major motor show, however, you can get a closer look at a scale model of the Time Attack Concept Racer at this weekend’s Bathurst 1000 race.

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