One of history's most significant Land Rovers has been stolen

The hunt is on for Land Rover Series II Chassis #64 after the historic 4x4 was stolen from a farm in Saffron Walden last night

The devastated owner of a significantly rare Land Rover has urged enthusiasts to keep a look out after his 1958 Series II – chassis #64 – was stolen from a farm in Saffron Walden, Essex on the evening of November 19, with significant damage caused to farm machinery in the process.

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Julian Shoolheifer, who operates a classic and vintage car business, realised the Land Rover was missing early this morning. The off-roader is his most valuable vehicle, and Julian has urged thieves to return the 4x4 in one piece. The request isn't just for personal reasons however, for Julian's missing Land Rover is culturally and historically significant to the automotive community.

“This Land Rover is possibly the only one in the world with the original paintwork - it’s the earliest surviving Series II with the original trim, paintwork and every mechanical part. It’s a museum-quality vehicle,” Julian told the Dunmow Broadcast.

“I’m 48-years-old and I’ve never had anything stolen from me,” Julian explained. “I feel hollow - I’ve been collecting early Land Rovers since I was 13-years-old. This is the best [most original] Land Rover I’ve ever owned and I’m just devastated. I need to get it back, it’s not about the money. It’s a vehicle that’s so original that people all over the world ask me for the details so they can get their vehicle restoration exactly the same.

“A distinguishing feature is a power take-off unit – a big piece of machinery that sits on the back, bolted to the vehicle. It’s been on there since 1958.

“If anybody tries to break it up for parts, I know the identity numbers for every bit of the car and every scratch and scrape. It’s unsellable in the UK because it’s so well-known.

“My biggest fear is that somebody panics about what they’ve found and they burn it out. I want it back, I don’t care who or what did it. Put it somewhere where I can go and collect it. Do not burn it out.”

Taking to social media this morning, Julian said: "Silence today. Police have said they don’t have resources to help or even check CCTV. It’s down to us. Please help get this amazing Land Rover back. It’s survived 60 years untouched and I’d like to keep it that way."

Keep your eyes peeled for the 1958 Series II – registration LMS940. The vehicle sports a distinctive rear power take off pulley, something fitted to very few Land Rovers. The value of this vehicle comes from remaining intact, but If you are offered suspicious parts bearing an incredibly early serial number, turn them down and call Essex police on 101.

Here's hoping the message gets out before it's too late, and that this amazing old Land Rover is found in one piece.

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