Historic British sports car marque to return?

Elva specialist Roger Dunbar is raising finance to build a new model of the classic sports car

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An Elva race car specialist has launched an attempt to revive the historic marque with a new model, and is now actively seeking funding to continue development.

Roger Dunbar has been involved with Elva since founder Frank Nichols gave him permission to form an owners club over 30 years ago. Since then, he has continued to promote and support the Elva name, more recently trading as specialists restorer Elva Racing. He has already created Elva Courier and Mk7 SR continuation cars, and now has body and chassis designs, scale models and a likely power unit to produce a new Elva racing car.

Elva has a long history of sports car manufacture, dating back to 1955, and it also produced Formula Junior chassis for a period. Although it concentrated on racing, it also built road-legal sports cars, as well as the famous Elva-Porsche, which became the first non-Porsche car to be granted an official Porsche type-number.

Now Roger wants to see the marque return. ‘Over the years I have received a number of approaches from people who share the dream of seeing Elva return,’ he says, ‘and there are exciting plans which, if successful, will see a stunning road-going sports car once again proudly wearing the Elva badge. Will it happen? Of course! However, just as in the early days, it will require a team effort and the support of individuals and the financial institutions.’

Anyone interested in the project can email Roger or visit his Elva website.

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