Highway Earth car show – LA's latest phenomenon

Show founder Evan Klein explains how the latest event on the Los Angeles car scene came about – and its connection with Lassie and Bonanza

Bonanza, Lassie, Andy Griffith. All filmed here. Tucked away in the heart of Beverly Hills is Franklin Canyon Park – now home to the Highway Earth car show. A reservoir nestled in the hills with a 1.2 mile paved loop that surrounds the lake.

Once a year we fill the entire loop with cars and turn it into a giant walking car show. This year we had 241 cars. It’s the only place like it in all of LA. The show just keeps getting bigger. This is our fifth year. Every year is a sellout.

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You have to register to be guaranteed a spot. You’ll get a copy of Highway, a special magazine published just for the show, free waters, raffle ticket for prizes later, coffee from Petrolicious, a place in the 'Giant Group Photo at noon, and maybe you’ll win the Automobile Magazine. Best in Show trophy. You never know until the day of the show what cars are coming. It's always a surprise, all you have to do is register to get in the show, and when its full, its full. So register early (visit the Highway Earth website here.

There is a perfect mix of eclectic eccentric cars. Datsuns, Lancias, McLarens, Tatras, Alfas, Citroëns, lowriders and even hot-rodded school buses. Special guest, we got ’em. Original Shelby team driver Allen Grant came and told Shelby stories, signed autographs and made everyone feel like a race driver.

When Superformance heard Allen was coming they brought a few cars too, when the LA Shelby club heard Allen and Superformance were coming… then we had 15 Shelbys. This is the way the show works; people walk around the lake and make discoveries, like the two Lotus Elevens sitting with a few Austin-Healeys, which were next to the Lotus 7s, next to the Triumphs and MGs.

I think next year is going to be even bigger. I was turning cars away two weeks before the show, people were calling the day before trying to get in, we had already hit 196 cars… I didn’t want to oversell the show, but on show day it looks like we squeezed even more in. The show ends early, nothing in Los Angeles last all day, we end the day back at the house with beer in hand and BBQ in the other. Really how else would you end a perfect car day?

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