Hagerty Insurance scoops Veteran Car Club Charman’s Trophy award

The Veteran Car Club of Great Britain has awarded Hagerty Classic Car Insurance its Chairman's Trophy award, for support of the club and the historic vehicle movement

Hagerty Insurance may lay claim as the leading insurance agency for classic vehicles, but the firm’s support for the classic car scene remains largely unrivalled. Offering a broad range of valuation and insurance services for classic cars and motorcycles, it broke the mould offering cover for automobilia. If you were a custodian of an exclusive or historical item linked with motor vehicles, mainstream cover had never been so easily available.

These feats, amid the insurance agency’s activities to promote the classic car scene, have now gone rewarded, with the Veteran Car Club (VCC) now awarding Hagerty and managing director Angus Forsyth its Chairman’s Trophy.

Speaking at the Veteran Car Club AGM held at its headquarters in Ashwell, Kent, Stephen Curry, secretary to the VCC, confirmed: ‘It is a special award and is only presented on rare occasions and has not been awarded since 1984.

'The Executive are very conscious of Hagerty’s contribution to the Club and are very appreciative. Without enthusiasts running companies such as Hagerty, veteran and Edwardian car owners would find it a lot harder to pursue their hobby, and the Executive wanted to recognise that.’

Angus Forsyth, Hagerty’s International managing director and recipient of the award said: ‘We are humbled to have been awarded this prestigious trophy by the Veteran Car Club. This trophy stands for so much and it is a real tribute to the whole Hagerty team, of which we are very proud. We continue to work hard to protect, preserve and promote the whole classic, Vintage and Veteran car movement and this award is a terrific acknowledgement of the past ten years of hard work.’

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