German musician releases vinyl using classic Porsche sounds

Strangest music collaboration of 2018: Porsche's museum and hip-hop producer Duan Wasi. Scroll down to hear (and see) the unusual results

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Cars and music are closely linked. It's often the case that music is brought to a car, with almost every automobile on the market coming with a stereo system, and roadtrippers dreaming up their ultimate playlist years in advance. But rarely are cars brought into music, bar the occasional appearance in music videos.

Porsche has collaborated with hip-hop producer Duan Wasi, a native of Stuttgart just like the car manufacturer, to make a record utilising the sounds of Porsche at its museum. Wasi's main instrument? One of the Porsche 911 (996) GT3 RSR cars used at the Le Mans 24 Hours.

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Wasi’s piece of work is named ‘Loop Routines’, and will be printed onto 500 vinyl records that go on sale tomorrow (December 12). The leading track is ‘Le Mans’, which has its own video, which can be seen below. The combination of pictures and sound involved video artist Mikis Fontagnier, and utilises the Porsche Museum’s architecture as a backdrop. It tells elements of Porsche’s past at Le Mans, where it has won the 24 hour race 19 times.

The trophies aren’t what attracted Wasi to Porsche for his latest musical project, rather the behind-the-scenes work that takes place within the iconic brand.

‘I’m looking at the essence of the technical object, history, and iconic design, which speaks to me as such,’ he said. ‘Initially I was looking for auditory equivalents for concepts such as pressure, shape, dynamism, tempo, or rotation.'

It’s clear what the automotive influences are, but the musical genres that inspired it are a little, unexpected to say the least. Wasi wanted to capture the heart of soul music, and mix it with psychedelic blues.

‘While the percussive elements are clearly mapped in order to distinctly express speed and tempo, other motifs are only insinuated. Listeners perceive them as snapshots. They come to life from being reduced to the essential elements of their musical composition, and should convey a feeling similar to Steve McQueen’s Le Mans film. I would describe the effect as hypnotic whilst also being exciting.’

An unexpected, but ultimately interesting audio spectacle. What would your ideal car-inspired music be? There’s a certain attraction to Beethoven’s 7th Symphony through a rotary-engined runaround.

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