Watch: Man custom-builds world's only four-seater DeLorean

American car enthusiast John Dore has created something truly unique so his children can join him on automotive adventures - a four-seater DeLorean DMC-12

Regardless of how you perceive the DeLorean – film star, a missed opportunity or automotive icon – its bold looks, unique design, and cultural stance has elevated John DeLorean’s automotive brainchild well beyond a mere ‘classic car’.

The DeLorean remains something of legend. People stop dead in their tracks upon the slightest glimpse of those gullwing doors. Society’s elite fall over themselves to bag one at auction, and yet to someone with a family-orientated mindset, the DeLorean remains largely useless. For starters, there’s no back seat. Well, unless you stumble across one man's special example that is…

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Car enthusiast John Dore spent a full decade crafting the only known DeLorean 2+2 in existence. And it’s not a Jaguar-esque back seat only suitable for those with paper-thin legs, either. This DeLorean DMC12 offers functioning, practical and (slightly) spacious rear seating, suitable for children and smaller adults.

A decade in the making

The DMC12 is no forgiving chassis-based entity for the DIY mechanic, hence the decade-long build time. Should anyone brave enough so much as attempt to restructure the frame, the DeLorean will ensure you are dumped in an early grave. Dore wisely took his time to adapt the interior and frame, the whole back half of the car requiring substantial modification.

To create rear seating out of the standard padded shelf, the fibreglass shell had to undergo substantial surgery to allow passengers to slide inwards. So that passengers wouldn't need to be versed in the art of contortion to get in, the suspension had to be pushed back. The solution was found from a rear-engined Renault Alpine GTA.

Purists may want to avert their eyes for this next bit. You have been warned.

The next stage involved rebuilding the DeLorean from a hybrid of Alpine and DeLorean components. The Alpine V6 was installed over the original engine while the transmission, subframe and suspension were all transferred across from the GTA.

Though it’s impossible not to gawp at what has been achieved here, the jaw practically hits the floor upon discovering Dore’s meticulous planning. To prevent a perfectly good DeLorean being butchered for a project that may not have worked out, John used a crashed body to experiment on.

Once the design was deemed possible, a custom chassis was constructed to bridge the Renault parts with the DeLorean’s underpinnings. As a result, the engine sits further back and all the electronics were moved rearward. Incredibly, all of this was achieved without stretching the wheelbase or tarnishing the vehicle’s interior.

Just to add some further spice to the project, Dore and his family moved from Ireland, where the project was started, to the United States during the rebuild. That’s a monumental effort.

The reason for such an immense and downright expensive undertaking? Dore wanted his children to be a part of the adventure. John has set the bar rather high for automotive dads across the globe. You can read the full story on Jalopnik.

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