This is the most expensive Australian-built Ford of all time

A muscle car for Ferrari money? An ultra-rare Ford Falcon GTHO Phase IV has broken the record for an Australian-built Ford at A$2 million

The Ford Falcon remains one of Australia’s most desirable classic cars, with the GTHO Phase IV tagged as the cream of an already impressive crop. Besides claiming the hearts of petrolheads, the ultra-rare model can now lay claim as a record breaker – fetching A$2 million ($1.4m, £1.1m, €1.24m) during a Lloyds auction over the weekend.

Developed for racing duties at the iconic Bathurst circuit, the key to this Falcon’s value is exclusivity. Only four XA GTHO Falcons were constructed in Ford’s ‘Lot 6’ Special Vehicles unit before Australian public opinion turned against the public sale of homologation specials, leading Ford to ditch its motorsport programme for a two year period.

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Ford and arch rivals Holden are highly revered in Australian racing circles, both currently vying for record prices in the collector car sales market. The GTHO Phase IV fell just short of beating the outright Australian record set by a Holden VH SS Commodore raced by Peter Brock, which sold earlier this month for A$2.25m ($1.6m, £1.23m, €1.4m) after commission.

Given its motorsport pedigree, it was befitting that Bathurst winner Allan Moffat dropped the hammer on a final sale price for the new owner.

“This was a fantastic result for the classic car market which is growing from strength to strength. The anonymous Australian buyer is extremely excited about owning a piece of iconic Australian history,” said Brett Mudie, chief marketing officer at Lloyds.

“It didn’t surprise me that the car sold for this amount,” Mudie said. “We were expecting it to smash the last record quite easily, with bidding already at A$1.5 million three days before the auction.

“The Phase IV’s limited number, immaculate condition, celebrity affiliation (with links to Fred Gibson and Allan Moffat) along with its chrome bumper all contributed to the car selling at this price and will underpin its value into the future.”

Though now officially the most valuable Ford Falcon, there's potential for it to be usurped by a sister car in future. Of the four GTHO Phase IVs built, one was a Calypso Green road car, which is apparently the only one with GTHO stamped on its VIN plate, making it the rarest ever made. It's currently owned by a dentist in Sydney but, should that turn up on the market, it's likely the asking price will trump everything that has come before it.

Photos courtesy of Lloyds Auctions Australia

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