Ferrari destroyed by engine fire en-route to Monterey Car Week

Ferrari fans look away now; by an engine fire has destroyed a 1995 F355 while traveling to California for Monterey Car Week

Two mechanics were lucky to escape unharmed after a 1995 Ferrari F355 went up in flames while traveling to Monterey Car Week. The Italian supercar was engulfed so quickly that the two men were forced to leave their personal belongings and camera equipment behind.

Although the fire department arrived within a matter of minutes, flames consumed the Ferrari’s engine bay and cabin. As if that wasn’t quite painful enough, the firemen had to hack away at the rear hatch to douse the engine with water and prevent components reigniting.

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It was all over in little under ten minutes, but the Ferrari is beyond saving. And as if the driver hadn’t suffered enough, he then had to inform the owner by phone, as the car didn’t belong to him.

‘When I got a random phone call from Parker [driver and mechanic], I immediately knew something was wrong. He reported that he was smelling strong fumes, and he wanted to open the engine hatch to investigate, but he didn’t know how,’ explained the car’s owner.

‘I gave him instructions and remained on the phone while he popped the hatch and started looking, eventually discovering that the cap for the power-steering reservoir was stripped – not allowing the reservoir to seal, and gushing fluid out of the top. He offered to have it towed to his local mechanic, but since I wasn’t worried about a small amount of power-steering fluid igniting, I told him he should limp it there.

‘Just to make sure he wasn’t doing something stupid, Parker called his mechanic to get his opinion as well. The mechanic agreed with me and gave the same instructions. Parker said he then started the engine, and made it about 15 feet before the Ferrari exploded into flames.’

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