Modern oil increases Ferrari 250 GT power by 7%

New NANODRIVE oil proven to boost performance in classic cars.

We all want our classics to be working at peek performance and most of the time a little bit of TLC keeps things running smoothly. But is it possible to make your car run even better than new with something as simple as an oil change? Research conducted by Millers Oils via a beautiful Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France suggests just that.

Millers Oils managed to gain a 7% increase in peak power and torque from the Ferrari without changing a single mechanical component. A quick switch from standard OE-specification to the British oil specialist’s CFS 10w60 NT+ netted a 20bhp increase in power from the V12 engine under the bonnet. How? Thanks to the latest advances in oil technology, components can actually function more efficiently than originally designed. In this car the patented Nanodrive technology in the oil reduced friction far more effectively than the car’s designers could have ever imagined. These results were verified by three independent tests conducted on the Ferrari using a dynamometer.

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Just 77 Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France cars were built between 1956 and 1959. In 2013 Gooding & Co sold a prime example at the Pebble Beach auction for $9.46m (£7.1m).

Those entering historic motorsport events might want to consider making the switch as it could deliver a genuine performance advantage as well as added longevity. Martyn Mann, Millers Oils Technical Director said “Reduced friction also helps to slowdown component wear, meaning race teams or privateers can go longer between scheduled rebuilds.” He continued “a 7% increase in peak power and more useable torque throughout the rev range could make the difference between first and failure.”

Miller Oils was founded in 1887 by John Watson Miller and quickly became famed for producing high quality oil. Over the decades its products have proven themselves in many applications, including in the BTCC.

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