Electric Silver Arrow concept to debut at Pebble Beach

Hyundai aren't the only ones previewing future design and technology by modernising grand prix cars. Mercedes are next to use 1930s racing as inspiration for a new concept car

The up and coming Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance event in California is the perfect opportunity to show an intriguing concept car. As we all race toward a predominately electric future, Mercedes-Benz don’t want to forget about the past and so will reveal a new concept inspired by the legendary Silver Arrows.

The Silver Arrow name comes from the legendary Mercedes-Benz grand prix cars of the 50s. Their dominance lead to the press calling the cars ‘the silver arrows’ after their naked metallic bodywork. Even today’s Mercedes-AMG cars are often referred to by the same name as their ancestors. A new electric concept car brings the iconic design work of early 1930s racers into the 21st century.

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A sculpture foreshadowing the single-seater racer has been revealed, as has a design sketch done by Mercedes chief design officer Gorden Wagener. The cigar-shaped body has evolved to shroud the protruding wheels for greater aerodynamic efficiency (and perhaps road-legality) — something engineers of the 1930s didn’t need to consider.

There also appears be to a large dorsal fin located behind the cockpit, which is reminiscent of the extreme bodywork found on the one-off Mercedes-Benz T80. The T80 was a six-wheeled monster that was designed to break the land speed record in the late 30s. A 44.5-litre Daimler-Benz V12 engine gave this car over 3000bhp. World War 2 prevented the T80’s record run, but it did eventually clock 394mph in 1947.

Mercedes-Benz’s first high performance electric car was the SLS E-Cell of 2011. It is suggested that this new battery powered creation could be the forerunner for future battery powered supercars.

Infiniti are another manufacture who displayed a modern vision based on old grand prix car styling in the form of the Project 9. This is a trend we can get behind.

The Mercedes-Benz Electric Silver Arrow concept will be revealed in full at Pebble Beach. We’ll be there!

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