Edd China is back! This time with a new YouTube series...

The former Wheeler Dealers presenter will launch a new real-time YouTube series ‘Built by Many’ this summer, with a preview landing on June 1

TV classic car restoration celebrity Edd China is returning to our screens after his departure from Wheeler Dealers, but not in the form you may have expected. Fronting a brand-new collaborative and real-time restoration series, Built by Many will premier this summer on YouTube, with a sneak preview being published online for June 1.

The former on-screen mechanical partner to Mike Brewer has joined forces with long-time friend Al Cox; Edd and Al forming a double act who will work alongside the audience to rebuild a 1968 Jaguar E-type Series I fixed-head coupé in desperate need of restoration.

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By project’s end, YouTube will host a wealth of ‘how to’ videos, plus a feature on the car’s back story, not to mention the history of the legendary Jaguar marque.

Philip Porter, Jaguar authority figure and fountain of knowledge on all things Browns Lane, will act as the team’s patron. He’ll be offering his extensive comprehension alongside access to a pair of world famous E-types. Firstly, there’s 9600 HP, the original 1961 road-test car and oldest-surviving example, with The Italian Job’s 848 CRY for back-up.

Porter’s publishing company will also be producing an E-type restoration book to tie in with Built by Many, whereas Practical Classics magazine will follow the project with a monthly feature written by Edd himself.

Historic venues, including Shelsley Walsh and Chateau Impney, have signed up to ensure the series has plenty of driving action, whereas Edd and Al will also be speaking with famous E-type owners to discover their passion for the legendary sports car. Early collaborators include Savile Row tailor William Hunt and Paul Stewart, drummer from The Feeling.

Edd China explained: ‘We want to celebrate our automotive heritage by keeping classics cars on the road. Not just housed in museum collections or rusting away at the back of a shed! I’m all for the preservation of historic vehicles and want to get this beauty back on the road for all to enjoy. I’m looking forward to being a grease junkie again and inspiring others to join me on this road trip.'

Al Cox, founder of the Google Creative Academy, added: 'It’s collaborative because we’ll be working interactively with the audience in real time. Each week, we’ll also share our latest progress on YouTube.

'Critical support for the project has already been secured from Jaguar parts specialist SNG Barratt, which will provide parts and expertise, plus more specialist engineering companies like Spin-It, which has developed a bespoke ‘car restoration turntable’ – a key and quirky part of the show.'

The duo will be appearing at the forthcoming Jaguar XK70 celebrations on June 9-10, at Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb. AutoClassics will bring you the preview for Built by Many as soon as it becomes available.

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