Dodge Viper plant to be turned into FCA museum

Almost 400 concept and historic cars from FCA's heritage collection will move to the old Viper assembly factory, with 85 on display there in a new museum

The former Dodge Viper plant is to be turned into a new museum for the FCA US car collection, with future plans to open the museum to the public.

The plant closed when production of the Viper finished on 31 August 2017, and is now being cleared out, with the result that more than 1800 items of Dodge Viper and Plymouth Prowler memorabilia are being sold in an online auction (more details here).

Now, the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant, the former production home of the Dodge Viper, will get a second life as a company meeting and display space that will showcase the Company’s concept and historic vehicle collection.

The Conner Center, as it has been renamed, was built in 1966 in a Detroit neighborhood just south of the famed 8 Mile Road. It will have space to exhibit 85 of the company’s collection of 400 concept and historic vehicles. The rest of the 400 will be stored at the Connor Center, and the displays rotated periodically.

The collection is currently stored across several locations. Initially the museum will be for employees only, but once complete there are plans to open it to the public. It’s expected that it will be ready for use by employees by the second quarter of 2018.

'With a storied history of its own, the Conner Avenue facility is an ideal location to showcase the vehicles that have sustained the Company for more than 92 years,’ said Brandt Rosenbusch, manager of historical services.

‘We are proud of our history and have been working diligently in the daily care and restoration of these important vehicles. This move will allow us to house all of our collection under one roof and have the space to share that history with our employees.’

See the Viper plant as it was

It's all being cleared out now, but this is how the Viper plant looked towards the end of production.

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