De Tomaso, Alpine and 1970s muscle cars added to Gran Turismo Sport

1970s classics from Europe and America join the GT Sport line-up, plus a potent Group A Supra and turbo Formula 1 evocation from the 1980s

Gran Turismo Sport’s latest update is good news for classic car fans, with 1970s classics like the De Tomaso Pantera, Alpine A110 and more added in a new patch yesterday.

Since the launch of GT Sport in October, developer Polyphony Digital have released a new patch for the game roughly once a month, often with a treasure trove of goodies included in each update. The most recent change sees more than half a dozen classic icons added to the game’s line-up.

The first of several finely detailed recreations in GT Sport, De Tomaso’s Pantera has recently seen a revival thanks to the new ARES Design evocation. It slots into the ‘N300’ category, the 325bhp 5.8L Ford V8 not quite a match for the litany of modern supercars featured in the game.

Rallying icon Alpine has both old and new A110s included in the update, the 1972 1600S edition accompanied by last year’s Premiere reboot. The ultra-lightweight, rear-wheel drive sports car launched back in 1961 with a 1.1 litre powerplant, but the version chosen by Gran Turismo’s developers features the later 1.6 litre aluminium-block Cléon-Alu engine taken from the Renault 16, producing 138bhp.

While it may not pack the required punch to be classified beyond GT Sport’s lowest tier, N100, its 715kg featherweight status makes it nippy around tight, twisty tracks, along with being perfectly suited to the game’s selection of rally circuits.

Detroit is well represented with 1970s icons from both Ford and Dodge. Both marques have legendary muscle models by the bucketful, making the developers’ selection an even more contentious issue.

Faced with only choosing one from each, the 1971 Mustang Mach 1 has been chosen from Dearborn’s line-up, painted by default with black bonnet and side stripe detailing. Fans of James Bond need not worry however; anyone wishing to recreate the Mach 1 from Diamonds are Forever can simply respray the car blanket red in the game’s livery editor.

Across the city at Dodge, the first generation Challenger made the cut in its most potent R/T form, its 425bhp Hemi V8 putting it one level above its Mustang rival, slotting into the N400 category versus the Mach 1’s N300. With only 302bhp packed into Ford’s 5.8-litre V8 Windsor, any duel between the American pairing is destined to be a one-sided affair.

No update from Japanese developers Polyphony Digital would be complete without new models from their homeland. Adding to a Toyota line-up which already featured the 1997 Supra RZ, its nearly decade-older brother, the Supra 3.0 GT Turbo A, has also joined the N300 fray alongside the Pantera and Mustang Mach 1.

This specific iteration of the legendary Supra was designed with one objective in mind, motorsport homologation. Penned to compete in the Group A All-Japan Touring Car Championship, the 3.0 GT Turbo A cranks out 266bhp to its rear wheels.

Fans of Formula 1’s 1980s golden age will be delighted with the addition of the genericised Gran Turismo F1500T-A formula car. Boasting 986bhp from its turbocharged V6 and 540kg carbonfibre frame, developers have accurately modelled the feel of the unchained beasts of F1’s turbo era, complete with horrendous turbo lag at low rpm.

Performance does come at a price, costing a cool 1,000,000 in-game credits to purchase. At present it come only in stock Gran Turismo colour schemes, but in only a few days, a plethora of retro F1 liveries for you to repaint the car with are sure to appear in the GT community for that authentic throwback feel.

One million may seem a fair whack for a single car in-game, but this number is dwarfed by a pair of extremely rare classics which appeared in the previous January update. Ferrari’s 330 P4 prototype sportscar and the Jaguar XJ13 are both priced at an eye-watering 20,000,000 credits. This author started playing GT Sport two months ago, and is only half way to affording one of them…

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