Competition Jowett leads H&H Duxford auction

A 1951 Jowett Jupiter with documented racing history is set to attract serious attention during the Duxford H&H Auctions sale on March 21

Besides having the coolest name ever to come out of the 1950s, the Jowett Jupiter firmly placed itself on the map with a series of impressive wins throughout the first half of the decade.

Firstly, the sleek and gutsy Jupiter achieved competition success with a record-breaking class win at the 1950 Le Mans 24 Hours, followed by a class one-two in the 1951 Monte Carlo Rally.

Accompanying an already proficient racing portfolio was an outright win during the 1951 Lisbon International Rally, with further class wins at Le Mans in 1951 and 1952. It even conquered the gruelling four-hour Dundrod public road circuit in Northern Ireland.

‘In the Jowett Jupiter you are buying a rare and classy piece of British car racing history’, explains Damian Jones, head of sales for H&H Classics. ‘This car was a winner in its day against the toughest competition’.

Boasting the advantage of being a well-appointed touring car first and foremost, the 1950 Jupiter tested by ’The Motor’ - the leading automotive publication of its day – was found to have a top speed of 86.1mph and could accelerate from 0-60mph in 18.0 seconds.

These figures may seem glacial to those with modern expectations, but 68 years ago this was a revelation. Most vehicles couldn’t even grasp 60mph, let alone post a speed run time around a racecourse without the seasons changing.

For comparison’s sake, the Jaguar XK120, although faster, cost £1263 including taxes and churned through a gallon of fuel every 18 miles. The Jupiter retailed at £1086, including taxes, and could squeeze 25 miles per gallon. That’ the equivalent of nearly £10k difference with contemporary inflation rates.

The Jowett’s impeccable stance attracted the likes of Peter Ustinov, Red Skelton, John Surtees and Peter Craven. Colin Chapman has been reliably reported to have owned one. Now, with the approaching H&H auction at Duxford on March 21, you can add your name to a Jupiter logbook – albeit it a very special one.

The Jowett being sold by H&H has a documented race history with supporting photographs at Dundrod, Silverstone and Isle of Man British Empire Trophy. Having been in storage from 1969 until 2015, the Jupiter has undergone a full and sympathetic restoration with correctly detailed period attributes paired with photographic restoration of the very highest standard, taken over a 24-month time frame.

Tired of Jaguars hogging the headlines and the glory? This Jowett Jupiter is the left-wing choice to fill that empty garage space.

You can find out more on the H&H Auctions official website.

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