Rare Cold War Tatra T600 goes to auction

Heading to auction after decades in storage, this rare T600 'Tatraplan' is a relic of the Cold War. This streamline classic could be yours.

When you think of cars produced on the other side of the Cold War’s Iron Curtain, you’d be forgiven for conjuring images of Soviet Ladas and other such utilitarian motors. However, there were pockets of brilliance in places such as Czechoslovakia; where cars like the Tatra T600 were well ahead of their time. A rare example of this streamlined classic is coming up for auction in the UK.

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This Cold War curiosity is in need of restoration, but amazingly the 2.0-lire flat-four engine started after decades of storage. It’s silver teardrop bodywork appears only slightly corroded, but will need some attention. The brown leather interior has held up remarkably well over the years and will look great after restoration. It’s an alien looking craft, but its unorthodox appearance will certainly appeal to those looking for an unusual classic project.

The Tatra T600 “Tatraplan” originally started its 1948 production in Koprivnice at Tatra’s factory. However, when communism descended upon Czechoslovakia the new authorities decided that the car should be built at a Skoda factory in Mladá Boleslav. In total just 6,342 of these forward-thinking cars were produced between 1948 and 1952. The T600 is a rare sight in the UK with very few known to exist in the island nation.

Its advanced aerodynamic bodywork incorporates a sloping rear end an dorsal fin that split the rear window. This monocoque design is also practical seating six passengers with respectable space for each and features front suicide-doors for easy access.

This Tatra has been owned by a private collector for about 30 years, but it will head to the Charterhouse auction on 4th November 2018 with an estimate of between £8000 - £12,000. This rare T600 could prove to be a bargain to those with good parts supply connections in eastern Europe.

Images curtesy of Charterhouse.

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