Trojan 200 microcar for sale: One in 210 rarity needing love

Small, cheap, rare, and with a sentimental backstory, this microcar is the perfect restoration project

Microcars are rare, despite being small, cheap and easy to drive vehicles. In recent years we’ve seen cars getting larger and larger, with not even the Smart car stopping the inevitable trend. Stand out from the crowd and wave the flag for small vehicles worldwide by buying this Heinkel Kabine-derived Trojan 200.

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Originally in production between 1956 and ‘58, it only took two years before it was back in a factory, this time under the name of the ‘Trojan 200’ by the British Trojan Cars company. Most microcars were built during a time when communism was still a popular system of governance in Europe, and microcars took the ‘four legs good, two legs bad’ mantra of Animal Farm and turned it into ‘two wheels front, one wheel back’.

This Trojan 200 is listed on eBay, and is currently at £3359 after 20 bids. There are still nine days left on the auction, and whoever wins the car, one of just 210 made, will have to put a lot of work into the vehicle.

It hasn’t been used on the road in a quarter of a century, and it was last used to teach a learner driver, hence the ‘L’ plate in the rear window. A thick layer of dust coats the car in the images provided with the listing, masking possible signs of age on the body.

There’s more detail in pictures of the interior, which show signs of paint flaking off the metal and a worn fabric front seat. The bumpers also appear to be in a poor state.

The learner was in fact the grandmother of the current owner of the car. It’s been based in Lancashire and in the family’s possession since 1971, and has covered 33,892 miles. It can be viewed, and collected from Matlock, Derbyshire, and the sale is accompanied by original documentation showing ownership history and a workshop manual.

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