Buy this modified Saab 99GL and appear on TV!

Always wanted to appear on television? This auction for a Saab 99GL is your chance, with an appearance on Flipping Bangers stipulated in its purchase

There are some in the world of popular entertainment who want more diversity on our screens. And we agree, there aren’t enough 1980s Saab saloons on television, so thank goodness that this one will be making its TV debut soon. It’s also for sale, and as a added bonus for buying the Swedish classic, you get to appear on television with it.

This 1983 99GL comes right at the end of the 99’s story, having been in production since 1968. It has an inline-four engine, capable of 99bhp at the time of production, and a four-speed manual transmission. The ‘GL’ stood for ‘Grand Luxe’, signifying that this was a vehicle designed with comfort in mind.

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To appear on television, you have to look the part, and this Saab has bespoke, and quite frankly very cool, retro stripes, as well as handmade aluminium door cars, gold painted wheels (with brand new rally tyres), and spot lamps. With the Saab 99 having been a World Rally Championship winner twice in the hands of Stig Blomqvist, we’re confident that this retro rally theme is harking back to those achievements.

There are 12 months on the car’s MOT, meaning you can rack up the miles (and the views) before needing to service it again. The buyer of the car will appear on Flipping Bangers, which is shown on free-to-air channel in the UK. The show has the same executive producer as the incredibly popular Wheeler Dealers series. The eBay seller is also listed as 'guswill', most likely a nod to the Flipping Bangers hosts Gus Gregory and Will Trickett.

'This car has been featured in an upcoming episode of a new TV show and as such, it is a condition of sale that the winning bidder is happy to appear on camera purchasing the car from our presenters,’ explains the advert. Exciting!

According to the seller, the car is still in ‘good all round condition and drives well’. Recently several modifications and replacements have been made, possibly as part of its TV experience, including a new exhaust system, brake caliper, ball joints, CV joint and two CV gaiters. Numerous other parts have been serviced, the radiator has been re-cored.

Given the new parts and visual modifications, after your television cameo is done and dusted it appears you'll have a solid slice of Swedish engineering to take home afterwards as a souvenir.

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