Classics for sale: 2000 Porsche Evolution GT S Convertible

Ever wanted a rare high-end Porsche but just haven't been able to meet the asking price? Our classifieds has a solution

Simple economics states that when a desirable good has a small supply, and demand is high, the price will be eyewatering. A rare Porsche is the kind of good where such a theory applies, meaning not many of us can get our hands on them because of the lofty values they often demand. However, In our classifieds is an opportunity to own a limited edition Porsche that, although not a 911 or 918, is certainly worth your time.

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The Turismo-built Porsche Evolution GT S Convertible (chassis #001) is based around a 2000 Porsche Boxter 3.2 S chassis and is listed at just £34,995 ($46,128). It is a full evolution styling package, with a 300bhp power output, to rival Gemballa's Carrera GT-based Mirage GT, which Formula 1 driver Adrian Sutil famously owned.

The high-end early 2000s supercar appearance is convincing, with a six-speed manual gearbox, 20-inch bespoke black alloy wheels, GT3-style brakes, a red leather interior and customised carbon components in and out of the car. These include the underside at the front and rear of the car, and the aerodynamically influenced canards.

Features that clearly distinguish the car from its 2000 inspiration include daytime running lights and bumper lights, satellite navigation, Bluetooth, front and rear parking cameras, DVR recording and a three amp sound system with Bose subwoofers. The sound system alone contributes to more than a percent of the car's price.

A wind deflector kit means the car isn't deafening to use with the roof down, which can be done hands free thanks to some electronics, and when the red hood is is used, additional warmth is generated with a heated rear glass window. The full service history for the car is provided in the sale, which is by Essex-based dealer Total Headhunters.

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