Classics for sale: Porsche 944

Ever wondered what that Porsche was your aunt owned in the '80s? We have the answer, and have found one that's as good as new

Porsches are naturally made with good looks, but some are so beautiful that they're the kind of cars you'd want to enter into a concourse. This pristine 944 is a perfect example of that exact type of car, and is being sold for a bargain price of £14,500 ($19,074).

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The 944 was sold alongside to the 924, an entry-level Porsche that's rightful status as a classic was robbed by the fact that it used an Audi-sourced 2.0-litre engine, and was developed fully in-house. The 944 debuted at the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1981 with a 2.5-litre straight-four engine of Porsche's own design, angled at 45°. A year later the road car was released, retaining the 'half a V8' L4 engine due to its fuel efficiency and size.

In our classifieds is a 1986 car finished in Alpine White with black detailing. It's covered 47,000 miles under three owners, and has been serviced by Porsche dealers 14 times. The second owner of the car, who held it for 26 years, kept it garaged throughout and used is scantly, also getting a new clutch and timing belt installed before being sold on. The third owner did much of the same, only driving it 150 miles before deciding to sell it on. It is in the same specification as it left the factory, but arguably looks just as good too.

The paintwork has endured without blemish, the carpets are completely dry and the boot of the car has never been used. This includes the spare wheel, which has only ever been seen by the road via the rear window. Showroom freshness with a 32-year-old car.

At the front of the car, the engine looks as clean as it did in 1986, as does its interior, which is fully functional and free of excessive wear. A 944, offers an agile and punchy drive, this one likely helped by its lack of use and therefore component wear. Even if you don't feel like driving it, a 944 in top condition, it's still a worthy investment, and will be sold with a valid MoT.

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