This untouched Porsche 356 is a patina fan's dream

Porsche's first production car is a true collector's item. This untouched original from 1961 has popped up in our classifieds

Celebrated as Porsche's first production automobile, the 356 has a special place in the hearts of the German manufacturer's fans. The car's production run spanned three decades, and the car went through what can be described as four 'generations' before being retired in 1965.

Despite its lengthy production, finding a 356 to call your own is difficult, especially one that hasn't been changed in some way since leaving the factory. In our classifieds is such an example though, an untouched 356 B cabriolet from 1961.

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The 356 B, the third generation of the car, has a 1.6-litre flat-four engine and a four-speed manual gearbox. The engine was introduced two years earlier for the 356 A, of which this B was a simple continuation of. Later versions of the 356 B were less subtle and had a completely new body.

Although a cabriolet, the 356 came with a hardtop, and this example, originally sold in America, is finished in the rare Royal Blue colour. It's unrestored and has been in storage for most of its existence. The sale is accompanied by the original bill of sale and statement of origin, guaranteeing that this is a vintage 356.

Its authenticity explains the $89,500 (£68,125) asking price despite its rather second-hand condition. At least that will give an adequately monied buyer room to spend further money on a full restoration of the vehicle without breaking the bank. We do hope it's a true-to-original restoration, though.

Despite it being further towards the end of the 356 timeline, this is still a pre-911 Porsche, an example of the brand in its relative infancy. The 356 is a true collector’s car, and an untouched original is something you certainly wouldn't want to miss out on.

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