Classics for sale: 1989 Maserati Karif

This high-performance car blew the wind back into Maserati's sails in the late 1980s, and may blow the wind out of you

The luxurious Karif coupé, otherwise known as Tipo 339, was supposed to put the wind back into Maserati's sails in the late 1980s. Quite literally, as the car was named after a wind that travels from the Arabian peninsula south west to the African continent. Its design was to accommodate the needs of the budding racing driver and the chauffeured dignitary, was looked over by Alejandro De Tomaso, who said no more than 250 would be made.

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Rarity normally adds value, especially as this is one of very few right hand drive models, but the example in our classifieds is listed at just £34,950 ($45,940), a neat price for a car that can take you and your champagne to speeds of over 145mph. And it was built in the '80s. It's biturbo 2.8-litre V6 engine was the most powerful Maserati produced, and the one in this car was rebuilt 15 years ago. The car has done over 33,000 miles, just over 8,000 of which have been done since the rebuild.

In period it could do 0-60mph in under five seconds, and supposedly had sports car-like agility. It was the luxury features coupled with the performance that made the car so desirable though, with electric seats, windows and A/C climate control. The current owner thought the car wasn't comfortable enough though when coupled with its high performance figures, and installed a bespoke, fully adjustable, coil over suspension kit manufactured by Leda and fitted with Eibach springs. Adjustable meaning you can choose between smooth riding or a more focused setup.

The pursuit of luxury then was overtaken by the desire for greater performance, and the car's braking performance has improved with the fitting of Willwood Midlite four-pot callipers and a stainless steel exhaust by P. D. Gough. So that's a limited edition luxury car with 285bhp, upgraded suspension and brakes, for an affordable price, and built in the iconic 1980s. This wouldn't look out of place in a mob drama, or in your garage.

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