Classics for sale: Extreme Lotus 340R

Just 340 Lotus 340Rs were built, but only 8 were exported to America. This left-hand drive example has just 351-miles on the clock and is heading to auction.

The phrase ‘track toy’ is overused these days and is usually slung at anything with a stiff chassis and no rear seats. A peruse of our classified and listed cars for auction will find a real track-toy, something so focused on its mission of fast lap times that you wouldn’t want to take it to the shops. This Lotus 340R is one of the purest forms of four-wheeled fun.

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The Lotus 340R might be based upon an Elise, but its no nonsense attitude to performance and weight saving makes it a much more serious prospect than the cheeky sports car on which it’s based. The body is shrink-wrapped around the cockpit and engine bay, exposing all four wheels at its corners. Anything unnecessary was removed in the pursuit of performance, that includes a roof of any description.

It might only have 177bhp from a modified Rover K-Series engine, but a curb weight of just 700kg gave it an incredible power-to-weight ratio. 0-62mph came and went within 4.4 seconds and it could hit 100mph in 10.4 seconds. Bespoke Yokohama A038R tyres were designed for this car to help make its agility as impressive as the straight-line performance.

Just 340 Lotus 340Rs were built, this car is number 104 and one of just eight that made its way to America. While the 340R is road legal in the UK, it wasn’t in the US and so left-hand drive American cars were track-only examples. It returned to the UK at the beginning of 2018 with its first stop being to a Lotus specialist that conducted a full body-off inspection. With just 351-miles on the clock, it was unsurprisingly given a clean bill of health.

Values of the Lotus 340R have been steadily rising over the years with a newfound appreciation for this extreme machine. This Lotus is currently listed for auction at Silverstone Auctions September Sale event that will take place on 29th September 2018. It’s estimate is between £55,000 - £65,000.

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