Vanwall's Stirling Moss-era Formula 1 transporter is for sale!

This classic Leyland Royal Tiger transporter once carried Sir Stirling Moss' Vanwall Grand Prix car. Now, it could be the perfect way to get your own racer to the track

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At a Grand Prix all of the attention is focused in the direction of the racers. These burnished specimens of ingenious design travel around the world to do battle, but how they get there is often forgotten. The transporters are often the vehicles that make it all happen, and this particular Leyland Royal Tiger in our classifieds had a particularly important job back in its heyday.

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Some race transporters have become just as iconic as the racing cars they carried. Ecurie Ecosse’s Commer TS3, for example, is as well-known on its own as the cargo it once carried, a pair of Jaguar D-Types. It’s a similar story for this Vanwall Leyland Royal Tiger from 1957 that once carried the steed of none other than Sir Stirling Moss.

Moss’ Vanwall VW 5 helped earn the team an F1 constructors' world title and was transported by this very Leyland. Sadly, the racing car isn’t included (although sellers Hall & Hall do have a later Vanwall VW 7 up for grabs), but the transporter itself is a prime target for collectors.

It seems to be in quite incredible condition, with its tanned leather seats appearing totally unblemished in the crew compartment, while the cargo area has retained its small workshop space. There’s even a box of period Leyland bits and bobs such as injectors included in the sale.

Hall & Hall haven’t made the asking price public, but perhaps you could pitch them a package deal, should you decide to also purchase the Vanwall VW7. At least that's what we'd be doing if we had the money kicking around for such a grandiose transporter.

The 11.1-litre diesel transporter with its four-speed preselector gearbox might not be the sexiest purchase you’ll make this year, but it would make for the perfect means of transporting your vintage car to the track. Think of it as the original packaging for the historic 1957 and ’58 seasons. View the listing here if you're tempted.

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