Classics for sale: Pristine 1990 Ferrari F40

The Ferrari F40 came to define a generation of supercars with its claimed 200mph top speed and striking looks. Here's your chance to bag a pre-catalytic converter model.

The F40 isn’t simply a fast Ferrari, but a landmark car in the Italian marque’s illustrious history, not only was this the last model signed-off by Enzo Ferrari before his death, not only was it derived from a Group B racing car, but it was also the world’s first 200mph road production car. A rare early Ferrari F40 with full certification currently resides in our classifieds.

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This traditional Rosso Corsa Ferrari F40 is an earlier example of this iconic supercar, this meant that when new it didn’t have a catalytic converter like later models. While that may mean very little in the grand scheme of 200mph supercars, it does allow this car to produce a little more power than its catted siblings. This 1990 car is also Ferrari Classiche Certified to ensure maximum authenticity.

It looks absolutely stunning with its wedge shape, fixed rear wing, and triple exhaust pipes — every inch deserving of bedroom wall space. The interior, while spartan, is immaculate and plays host to a classic open-gated Ferrari manual transmission. Spotted the curious green substance in the cabin? It’s actually a bonding agent that proved to be lighter than welding some components together. Without any carpets the F40’s seams are on show to the world.

The Ferrari F40 was born out of the 288 GTO Evoluzione, a prototype Group B racer that never got its chance. A lot of research and development went into the project, and so when the Group B class was disbanded, Ferrari had a masterpiece with no purpose. The decision was taken to develop a road car from GTO Evoluzione, and like a true phenix from the ashes, the F40 was born.

This 1,235kg supercar is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V8 engine producing 471bhp. In motion that equates to a 0-62mph time of under 5 seconds and a 200mph top speed claimed by Ferrari — the whole occasion narrated by that thunderous V8 soundtrack.

Listed in our classifies by Marque 1, the listing highlights this car’s relatively low mileage of just 14,900-miles, as well as a recent cam belt service and MOT by a Ferrari main dealer. Originally sold in Europe, this now UK registered car is a fine example of the breed. Price upon appointment.

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