Classics for sale: 1 of 33 1971 Dodge Charger R/T

American muscle cars became an endangered species in the 70s due to new emissions laws. This rare 1971 Dodge Charger is one fo the few to escape with its HEMI engine.

The American muscle era is truly something to be celebrated as it produced many iconic cars and formed a rich thread in the tapestry of car culture. However, this great period of ruling V8s was brought to an end in the 70s thanks to new emissions laws and a fuel crisis. This Dodge Charger R/T HEMI was one of the last of its kind to be built.

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1971 was the very last year that the iconic HEMI engine would find a home in a Dodge Charger and also signified the introduction of the all-new Charger with its tauter bodywork and rakish profile. Just 33 of these new cars with an old-school 426 HEMI and automatic transmission were built, each good for 425 horsepower and 490lb ft of torque.

This Charger is one of those 33 and is finished in a mesmerising blue specification. The bulging bonnet that wears a distinctive matte black stripe hinting at the power within, while the interior mimics the the exterior’s blue finish. It’s a handsome looking thing that sports a more subtle look than many of its brothers.

This numbers-matching car comes with plenty of paperwork including a complete ownership history and original broadcast sheet. It’s also a very well equipped example of the muscle car featuring factory extras such as the rallye instrument cluster, Maximum Cooling Package, Hemi suspension, chrome exhaust tips, and high-back bucket seats.

The Dodge Charger was designed to take the fight to Ford and Chevrolet, particularly when equipped with a thunderous HEMI engine. This example marks one of the very last of its breed to be built, further adding to its 1 of 33 significance. It’s currently for sale with the Legendary Motor Company with pricing upon appointment.

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