Classics for sale: 1979 Citroën 2CV6

Looking for a simple classic that’s not a VW Beetle or a Mini Cooper? You should try this Citroën 2CV out for size

On paper, the idiosyncratic Citroën 2CV offers all the charm of a fatal gunshot wound. Churning out less power than most modern toasters and providing the structural rigidity of a Cadbury’s Flake, the eccentric French people’s car should have died away as a mere asterisk in automotive history. But then you see this one, and your heart melts...

Delve behind the facts and figures and it’s abundantly clear why, despite the age-old design flaws, the fondly nicknamed ‘Tin Snail’ grew into an automotive icon. Vastly different to any other vehicle on the market, André Citroën's masterstroke in vehicular design symbolised a nation famous for a laid-back, self-assured attitude. And then, a certain secret agent had one.

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Comfortable, competent in the bends and capable of intergalactic mileage, the humble 2CV could happily sit at full revs for hours without protest – which was just as well, as even the larger engine models trumpeted a top speed of only 71mph.

Yet, that’s exactly what we’ve got here. Rolling out the factory gates in 1979, this Deux Chevaux boasts the more powerful 602cc, 29bhp engine. That’s good for a 0-60mph sprint of ‘eventually’ and a torque curve on par with most cyclists. But forget the power output, as mocking the simplistic drivetrain is similar to scorning a wheelbarrow for lack of purpose.

Finished in Espandon Grey, the Citroën’s paintwork and interior trim are all in great condition. Everything works as it should and the panels are straight. The canvas roof appears blemish free whereas the engine bay is rather tidy and still contains the original paint. The battery is new and the boot is devoid of the tin worm.

The 1979 Citroën 2CV6 may not be fast, but it’s charm will have you bowled over and the practicality on offer trumps almost any other classic. Cheap to run and inexpensive to care for, the 2CV6 makes for the perfect starter classic. Get a closer look here.

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