Classics for Sale: Bonkers Renault Sport Spider

This very rare Renault Sport Spoder car was designed to put the French marque back on the performance map, even featuring its own racing series. Now you can own one!

Renault went through a rough patch during the late 1980s. Hoping to bounce back, the French company aimed to enter the next decade fighting, so nothing said ‘back on form’ like a new halo model. Come 1994, the Renault Spider concept car was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show. Two years later, this extreme sports car made it into production. Ebay currently has a very rare right-hand drive model listed that’s sure to catch the eye of a collector.

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Finished in Renault Sport’s signature yellow, this 1997 Renault Sport Spider is in immaculate condition with just 3,800-miles on the clock from new. It is totally original and still retains its first set of Michelin tyres, tools, manuals, tonneau cover, and two sets of keys. The ad states that there’s one or two stone chips on the nose of the car, to be expected on such a low vehicle, but is otherwise in fine fettle.

Designed as a road-going sports car and one-make racer, the Renault Sport Spider was built in specialist sportscar marque Alpine’s Dieppe factory. Between 1996 and 1999 just 1,800 of these little sports cars were built, with only 100 being right-hand drive.

Some markets had the choice of removing the windscreen to reduce weight, but every genuine UK car was imported with the glass in place. Another interesting feature of this car is its adjustable pedal box to ensure drivers of all sizes could achieve a good seating position.

Power comes from a 148bhp 2.0-litre engine originally sourced from a Renault Megane. That might not sound like a lot of punch, but with a curb weight of 930kg, this featherweight Renault could dash to 60 in around 6 seconds.

£31,950 ($42,178) seems like a fair price for a near perfect example of what looks likely to become a future classic.

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