Hated classic car is buried alive and dug back up again

YouTuber Tyler Hoover did the unthinkable and buried a Chrysler LeBaron, only to dig it up again to see if it still ran

YouTuber Tyler Hoover (Hoovie Garage) decided a year ago that the sight of his 1983 Chrysler LeBaron Town and Country Mark Cross Edition was too much, so he would bury the much maligned machine under 10 feet of earth. A grave was dug, the engine was fired up, and the LeBaron was driven rearwards into its soily grave.

Many people may be opposed to such an act, but Hoover’s LeBaron had been a mechanical nightmare since purchase, and proven far more trouble than it was worth – at least in its owner's eyes. Having not given the car a look before buying it from a collector, Hoover quite rightly didn’t want to give the rust bucket a second look.

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But being departed from the LeBaron proved too much for Hoover, and he came back to the improvised graveyard almost a year later to recover his ‘beloved’ machine. Hoover was joined by the excavator that had dug the grave initially, and they worked together in bringing the LeBaron out of the ground and back to life.

The resurrection didn’t quite go to plan, with the excavator failing to find the car, then piercing its soft top roof once it did. The weight of the displaced soil on top of the car had crushed the windshield pillar and the structure that held the soft top, but on the plus side everything had been kept relatively sealed.

It was just as rusty as it went in though, and the process of pulling it out of the ground ripped apart several components, including the bumper.

After digging out the car, and all the dirt from within it, work got started on the engine bay, which Hoover described as looking like it had spent ‘100 years at the bottom of the ocean’.

Just a turn of the key was required to reveal the electrics were in full working order, and a squirt of starting fluid got the engine running again, to everyone’s surprise, until the ignition system failed. Hoover now has a dysfunctional LeBaron, but a fully operational hole in the ground, and he may bury a car again.

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