Real-life Gran Turismo star Corvette will be sold at auction

This highly modified 1960s Chevrolet Corvette '3G' was immortalised in Gran Turismo 5 and 6, but now you can own the real thing

Restomod cars are a great way to breath new life into a classic machine in need of some attention, while putting your own signature on the finished article. Some mods are mild, others far more extreme.

This 1960 ‘3G’ Chevrolet Corvette sits in the latter camp and even caught the eye of the makers of the Gran Turismo video game series. Next year it heads to auction with Barrett-Jackson.

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This enhanced Corvette won the Gran Turismo Award for Best Hot Rod at SEMA 2006 and even features in two of Polyphony Digital's PlayStation titles, GT5 and GT6.

As good as it looks virtually, the real thing is all the more impressive. This hunkered down hot rod has real attitude thanks to the combination of classic lines, sinister grey paintwork, and modern touches such as those wheel arch-filling alloy wheels.

It’s not called the ‘3G’ because it has an internet connection, but because the goals of its designer included 1G of acceleration, 1G through the bends, and 1G under braking.

Built upon an Art Morrison GT Sport chassis, this car features C5 Corvette suspension with adjustable coilers to deal with the twisty stuff, while an all-aluminum 427ci Bill Mitchell small-block engine delivers on the straights. Total output is 538hp and 517lb ft of torque making for some serious performance. Keeping said performance in check are a set of 14” Wilwood brakes that are on full display between the wheel spokes.

Much of the trim is original or has been accurately reproduced and sits inside a lightly modified body. Most alterations have been made to accommodate the increased performance of this Corvette such as functional brake duct scoops and protruding roll hoops.

This car’s transformation is well documented with a lengthy list of suppliers that contributed to the car assembled by Art Morrison Enterprises. This unique restomod will be sold at the Scottsdale 2019 auction with no reserve.

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