1959 Chevrolet Brookwood for sale: A practical lowrider?

Is this the most practical lowrider ever? A stunning Chevrolet Brookwood fitted with a new LS crate and given a full once-over could be yours

How times change. Once an entry-level wagon on the US market, this Chevrolet Brookwood available on eBay has transformed with time to a highly rare, concours-ready machine.

Fitted with a LS V8 crate and transmission to match, a clearly dedicated owner has transformed this Brookwood into a hot rod restomod capable of holding its own on a concours lawn – though arguably its styling was a bit unusual since the day it left the factory.

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The early 1960s bore the second, and strongest, wave of lowrider culture. Throngs of cars based on General Motors’ X frame design were the bedrock of the movement. But before cars like the Riviera were around, or even the 50s Mercury lead sleds had started being adapted, some iconic styling cues were already present on the Brookwood wagon.

Horizontal fins spearing out from underneath the rear side windows and those cat eye rear lights may become trademark symbols of the era but, at the time, would have looked alien to those seeing it roll up on the streets of America for the first time.

Along with headlights positioned as low as laws at the time would allow, the Brookwood was by and large an Impala with some extra space in the rear. And that makes it even more special – who doesn’t love a good shooting brake? Its angular wagon top means it probably doesn’t quite fall into that category – but it’s close.

Wind the clock forward to now and it’s had the lowrider treatment in full. That LS crate – connected to a 4L60E automatic transmission – has only clocked 5000 miles since fitted new.

New RideTech suspension means it’s riding low enough but not to an impractical level, and those specialist wheels look the part. New Wilwood discs mated to a hydroboost system will likely have improved the brakes no end too.

Most impressive though is its visual appearance. A blue body with white top exterior is continued with the interior trim, where a white carbon fibre PU leather interior is coupled to a colour-matching blue dash.

Some cars are better left preserved and originally authentic. This Chevrolet Brookwood isn’t one of them. If you’re looking for a slice of lowrider culture but with plenty of room in the back, this two-door wagon might be the perfect vehicle. Check out its listing before it’s gone.

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