As New Abarth Upgraded Bugeye Sprite Is Heading To Auction

This 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite is has benefitted from a full rotisserie restoration and comes in stunning Aston Martin paint job

Known as one of the cutest cars ever produced, the affectionately named Bugeye (or Frogeye) Austin Healey Sprite is one of the most bare boned sports cars ever produced. Without so much as a bootlid, these cute little cars have a barrel full of charisma and are also one of the simplest machines to work on.

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Launched in 1958 this Mk1 Bugeye guise, the Sprite smashed sales figures. The first generation car, like the one featured here, sold 48,987 units in the first three years before the second generation car hit the market. Fitted with literally no features whatsoever, this really is a true drivers car in every possible sense. The entertainment factor is drawn purely from the senses and to great effect.

Fitted with the now iconic A Series Austin engine, it was tweaked slightly from its other uses to produce 43 hp. Although a paltry amount, for the Sprite it was more than enough to enjoy the chassis at speeds where Porsche drivers would be going beetroot with annoyance.

The Sprite was built at MG’s Abingdon plant in Oxfordshire, and for the second generation cars shared its body with the MG Midget; a duo that are often referred to as Spridget’s in the community.

The example featured here could be one of the best in North America. Having undergone a hardcore rotisserie restoration, the underside is allegedly as clean as the brightwork on top. Repainted in a rather unusual Aston Martin California Sage metallic, this is surely a one off. The paint suits the car beautifully, and few black factory spec interior features complete the package.

Not only does it boast a restoration most aging cars would dream of, this one has enjoyed just three owners, and even benefits from a set of Abarth headers; rather unusual but undeniably cool. With such a rare color combination and a full blown restoration, it’s time to enjoy the Bugeye and put it on your driveway. Actually, put it in your garage - it has no door locks or roof.

Bidders will get a chance to try to take it home at the Charlotte Harbor Event Center when the March Premier auction gets underway!

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