£2k a month McLaren tops popular luxury car finance deals

McLaren 570S and Range Rover Vogue top rankings for most popular financed luxury cars according to published JBR Capital report

British-made luxury cars rank as 2018’s most popular, according to JBR Capital; the UK’s leading independent finance provider dedicated to high-end vehicles.

According to JBR’s recently released information on the most prevalent financed cars by the company from 2018 to date, British-made vehicles claimed four top spots ahead of foreign rivals from Germany, Italy and Japan.

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Spearheading the chart is McLaren’s 204mph 570S, built at the McLaren Production Centre in Woking. Available after an initial deposit of £14,900 for £1824 per month, it’s not difficult to see why the 570S has claimed the top spot – that’s a vast amount of car for the money.

Next up is the Range Rover Vogue, crafted at Land Rover’s Solihull factory in Birmingham, and available for less than £970 per month after a deposit of £7900. With heritage, styling and all-terrain capability available in one sophisticated package, the Range Rover’s sheer prowess has secured it a legion of die-hard enthusiasts.

Further down the list is the Bentley Continental GT and McLaren 720S, showcasing the best of British engineering, even if Bentley is currently under German ownership. Nevertheless, the GT is prepared on British soil by UK engineers.

Also evident in JBR’s published results is the presence of Italy’s finest. Both the Ferrari 458 Spider and Lamborghini Huracan entered the top ten. Get a look at the full results below:

Darren Selig, executive chairman at JBR Capital, said, ‘Britain may not have won the World Cup this summer, but it’s on top of the automotive world.

‘The “Made in Britain” tag is still highly sought-after among our high net worth clients, whether that’s for supercars or luxury SUVs.’

‘While you might expect wealthy owners to rush to Ferrari and Lamborghini dealers, it’s actually McLaren and Land Rover where we’ve had the most demand for finance packages so far this year.’

Which of the top 10 would you have?

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