Low-milage BMW Z8 for sale: Bond's opinion-splitting BMW

This BMW Z8 has just over 11,000 miles on the clock and appears like new. Let's hope its new owner treats it better than 007 did his

When BMW became James Bond’s new company car at the beginning of the Pierce Brosnan era, it was like a laser edging between 007's trousers, splitting opinion and causing uproar amongst Bond fans and car enthusiasts alike. There wasn't an Aston Martin or even a Lotus in sight.

It would be fair to say that the Z3 and 7 Series that appeared in ‘Goldeneye’ and 'Tomorrow Never Dies’ were simple marketing exercises. However, there was one BMW that was deserving of 007’s time, even if said time was CUT short. Here’s you chance to be like Bond with this low-mileage BMW Z8 in our classifieds.

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The BMW Z8 started life as the Z07 concept car that was created to celebrate the historic 507. Designer Henrik Fisker created a beautiful retro sports car that garnered so much attention at its Tokyo Motor Show reveal that BMW decided to put it into production.

From concept to reality, the Z07 became the all-aluminium Z8, equipped with a 395bhp 4.9-litre V8 engine. Each car was hand-built with BMW committing to a 50-year supply of parts to reassure customers. Journalists of the time praised this sports cars agility and 50:50 weight distribution which made it a thoroughly enjoyable drive.

Bond employed a Z8 in the movie ‘The World is Not Enough’ where the gadget laden sports car shot down a buzz-saw wielding helicopter. Sadly, a second chopper managed to slice the Z8 clean in half during the action scene. ‘Q’s not going to like this…’

BMW built 5703 Z8s, with 2543 of those heading stateside like this example. Complete with its removable hardtop, this 2002 car has just over 11,000-miles on the clock. This ‘Bond-spec’ Titanium Silver model comes with all of its original paraphernalia including tool kit and a custom-made book on the Z8 from BMW of North America.

Values of BMW Z8s are skyrocketing with collectors keen to snap up clean low-milage examples such as this one. It’s currently listed with the Motor Car Company and pricing is by appointment.

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