Bloodhound SSC to feature at London Motor Show 2018

The British supersonic land vehicle Bloodhound SSC, which aims to crack the 1000mph barrier, will feature at the London Motor Show 2018 on May 17-20

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Bloodhound SSC is set to take centre stage on the ‘Built In Britain’ feature at the London Motor Show before it heads to the Hakskeen Pan desert in South Africa for its first record-breaking attempt later this year.

Andy Green, the current land speed record holder and former Royal Air Force pilot, will get behind the wheel of the jet-powered machine with the aim of beating the 763.035mph he set in ThrustSSC back in 1997 with his run across the Black Rock Desert.

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Employing an innovative combination of jet and rocket engine, Bloodhound boasts over 180 times the power of a Formula 1 car. The target in South Africa is to break the sound barrier and travel beyond 1000mph.

One of the most sophisticated cars ever built, the vehicle comprises of over 3500 parts tailor made for Bloodhound’s construction.

Following on from successful shakedown tests over 200mph at Cornwall Airport Newquay last October, the next speed tests will have Green push beyond 500mph – this will also take place on the Kakskeen Pan in South Africa.

Alec Mumford, chairman of The London Motor Show, said: 'We appreciate all that The Bloodhound Project is doing for young enthusiasts in their development and appreciation of speed.

'Having the Bloodhound SSC on the ‘Built In Britain’ feature is a tremendous feat and we hope this symbol of British capability will inspire young trailblazers in science and engineering. There couldn’t have been a better example of British excellence at this year’s show!'

Tickets are currently £18.50 and one child (under 17) goes free with a paying adult. They’re on general sale now and available to purchase here.

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