The quirky classic three-wheeler you've never heard of

This well looked after British microcar is in need of a loving home. Could this quirky three-wheeled classic join your collection?

When you think of classic three-wheelers, motoring icons like the Morgan 3 Wheeler and infamous Reliant Robin comes to mind. However, if you want three wheels on your wagon, but fancy something less obvious, check out this quirky Berkeley T60 we found on eBay.

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Able to be driven on a motorbike licence, the Berkeley T60 took advantage of microcar popularity in the UK during the 1950s. Utilising a 328cc Excelsior Talisman engine, which powered the front wheels, weight was kept to a minimum which boosted agility. A 1959 issue of The Motorcycle Magazine featured a glowing review stating that the T60 was: “a fascinating, front-wheel-drive sports car which combines economy with liveliness and superb cornering."

Around 1,800 Berkeley T60s were produced between 1959 and ’60 with the first 600 early cars featuring a bench seat as opposed to two individual posts. These examples were also endowed with lighter aluminium reinforcement to the bodywork with later cars given heavier steel components. This T60 falls into that first half of production and is in excellent condition.

With a relatively unblemished body thanks to a respray, this white example certainly looks the part. During its restoration the chassis was reinforced with fibre glass which has eliminated body flex. The issue would be particularly apparent when carrying a hefty passenger thanks to the flex causing doors to jam. More good news comes in the form of a hood that’s in good condition.

Sadly, there’s no mention of total miles, but we do know that the car is roadworthy and running thanks to 1000 of them being accumulated over the past year. The owner welcomes inspections and actively encourages them if you are unfamiliar with this unusual classic. Currently the bidding sits at £2,060 with 6 days remaining.

Rare, original, and certainly something that will get the neighbours talking, check out the T60’s listing.

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