This 1984 Audi Sport Quattro is André Lotterer's daily driver

Three-time Le Mans winner André Lotterer talks about the 450bhp Audi Sport Quattro that he drives everyday around his home in Monaco

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Let’s say that you’re a very successful racing driver, a three time winner of the Le Mans 24 Hours with Audi no less, how would you kick back and relax? If your name is André Lotterer then that includes a lot of photography - primarily of his modified Audi Sport Quattro.

More on the Audi Quattro

In the latest cinematic masterpiece from Petrolicious, Formula E and World Endurance Championship racer Lotterer talks about life away from the race track near his Monaco home. Even when not at ‘work’ he can’t help but get behind the wheel of another interesting car, although this one stems from motorsport’s past.

Erupting onto the screen in a blaze of noise, the Audi Sport Quattro is one of only 200 cars built to homologate the car for motorsport. Lotterer bought the car back in 2013, a decision influenced by growing up with a father who owned a rally team. Speaking of its five-cylinder sound and iconic rally status, you immediately get the impression that he is a true petrolhead and this was not merely an acquisition made because he raced for Audi at the time.

The Quattro name found on all of today’s all-wheel drive Audis stems from the Audi Quattro, which picked up quite a legendary status as it redefined the world of rallying. By pioneering the use of 4WD in performance cars, the Quattro emerged as the dominant force, a formula which has since been replicated by every team.

Lotterer’s short wheelbase Quattro has been tinkered with and now produces around 450bhp. He's also added a straight-pipe exhaust for maximum drama, making ‘the emotions very intense’.

‘I’m used to powerful cars, but this one always impresses me. It’s a bit crazy if you think that it’s my daily driver,' Lotterer comments.

As well as enjoying his Quattro behind the wheel, Lotterer often takes it to the surrounding mountains to photograph it. He finds photography inspiring and translates his eye for detail on the track to his work behind the camera.

One of Lotterer’s final comment is something we wish owners of such cars would say more often these days: ‘It’s not a garage queen, I drive it.’

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