Relive Ashes to Ashes with this bright red 1988 Audi Quattro

Get ready to 'fire up the Quattro' once again with this striking Audi! The spitting image of Gene Hunt's car from the TV show, it's up for auction right now

The Audi Quattro is one of those cars that shaped the future of performance vehicles with its introduction of all-wheel drive on the rally scene. Road-going Quattros became cult cars of the 1980s with their chiselled looks and WRC tech.

However, the hit BBC drama ‘Ashes to Ashes’ of 2008 revived enthusiasm for the model by making it the four-wheeled star of the gritty 1980s cop show. Now you can ‘fire up the Quattro’ with this well maintained example that’s up for auction with Norman’s Pond.

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Finished in the very same Tornado Red as Gene Hunt’s steed for the TV show, this Quattro screams '80s cool. Complete with the four Audi rings tattooed to its door, this purposeful coupe is perfect for anyone wanting to live their Ashes to Ashes daydream.

We can picture ourselves now, howling through the streets of '80s London in pursuit of a stolen Porsche 944 with a boot full of cash — iconic soundtrack of the day in the cassette player. This car may have seen some adventures in its early life, with it believed to have been originally purchased near the borders of Scotland. Imagine roaring though the highlands in this beauty… Yes please!

While the odometer reads over 148,000 miles, the car is in immaculate condition and has clearly been in the custodianship of some very proud owners. This Quattro comes with plenty of paperwork and has been regularly serviced.

Over the past year it has had a new cam belt, fan belt, water pump, plug leads, starter motor and a battery. The benefactor of a recent £750 detail, this Quattro looks almost as good as new. The leather interior is rare, but factory original, as is the sunroof. However, the car does sit on lowered suspension and wears a set of Ronal 8J alloy wheels.

The original Quattro from the TV show was actually a later model, like this 1988 example, but as Ashes to Ashes was set in 1979, the registration was simply backdated. One of the two cars used for filming was sold at auction for charity, raising over £38,500 ($49,000) for BBC Children in Need. The second car — peppered with bullet holes — was sold on eBay a few years ago for just £15,000 (around $19,000).

This Audi Quattro hasn’t received a bid at the time of writing, so with just 3 days left on the auction clock, you might be in with a good chance of taking custody of this icon.

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