Abarth's 70th anniversary to headline Automotoretrò 2019

Next year Abarth, famous for its tinkering with the Fiat 500, turns 70. Celebrations have been planned, and they look very exciting

Celebrations of Abarth’s 70th birthday next year will take place in a special exhibition called ‘Scorpione 70’ at the Automotoretrò show in Lingotto Fiere, Turin on January 31 - February 3 2019, and will focus on the cars, drivers and people of the company. The founder of Abarth was Austro-Italian engineer Carlo Abarth, and he chose the Scorpion logo for the brand as his star sign was Scorpio.

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Abarth is best known for its relationship with Fiat, having applied its performance enhancing knowledge to many of the brand’s cars, most famously the Fiat 500. The company, which started in 1949 as a racing team, has also designed and made its own cars in the past, the most recent Abarth-led project being the World Rally Championship-winning Lancia Rally 037.

What Abarth was doing with his small company impressed many, and it wasn’t long before it was working with the larger manufacturers in Italy, and then going hillclimbing with Porsche. In 1971 Abarth sold his company to Fiat, and it wasn’t until 2007 that it was an independent manufacturer again, coinciding with its popular tuning of the Fiat 500.

Of course, no exhibition about Abarth would be complete without that car, and will be joined by the hillclimbers of its early days and the Fiat 600 and 850 series models. One part of the exhibition will be devoted to it prototype sportscar racers and GT vehicles, such as the 1000 SP from 1966.

As well as extensive history on former members of Abarth, there will be an on-stage presence by some of the workforce who have seen the company’s progression from 1949 to the present day.

A week before the exhibition (January 18-25), an auction will take place at Automotoretrò with a host of classic cars from across Europe, where some Abarth creations could potentially pop up.


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