48 Ferrari dealers nominated for Classiche authorisation

Dealers could offer a full servicing and restoration service to Ferraris 20-years-old or over

Across 20 global markets, 48 official Ferrari dealers have been nominated as Ferrari Classiche Authorised Workshops, giving them access to direct factory support for servicing Ferraris over 20 years old.

If granted authorisation, each dealer will be able to implement the Ferrari Classiche certification process to ensure the correct maintenance and repair of the marque’s cars. This comes with backing from the Ferrari factory in Maranello.

The Ferrari Classiche programme offers full servicing and restoration and can also supply a Certificate of Authentication. It carries a 20-year cut-off meaning that the 360 Modena is the first ‘all-new’ Ferrari to fall outside the bracket of the Classiche, having been launched in 1999.

The dealer is expected to offer ‘a highly qualified service to the customer’ in order to maintain both the value of the owner’s car and also to preserve ‘the technical heritage of the Ferrari brand’ according to a statement from Ferrari.

To comply, each dealer must commit to maintaining a dedicated workshop ramp and a suitably-qualified and trained Ferrari Classiche Service Technician exclusively for Ferrari Classiche maintenance, repair and certification applications.

However, any work that requires the manufacturing of major new parts will be referred back to the Ferrari factory.

Renowned Ferrari specialists Dick Lovett and Joe Macari are among the nine nominated from the UK. The programme is set to expand in due course, with more dealers set from additional markets set for nomination.

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