This 220mph RUF CTR2 shamed Ferrari and challenged McLaren

Faster than a Ferrari F50 and Jaguar XJ220, this 580bhp RUF CTR2 was a worthy successor to the legendary Yellowbird. Now the modern classic could be yours

RUF Automobile might be seen as tuners of Porsches, but that description doesn’t do the German company justice. One of the few companies with a special relationship with Porsche that allows it to order a bare body shell, RUF builds its cars from the ground-up, as opposed to simply rebadging existing models. This RUF CTR2 in our classifieds is a great example of the marque’s ambition and ingenuity.

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Officially recognised as a car manufacturer by Germany's government, RUF is truly responsible for its own creations. One of the most memorable was the CTR2, a followup to the famed ‘Yellowbird’ of 1987. Using a body-in-white of the 993 Porsche 911 Turbo, RUF’s CTR2 was developed into one of the world’s fastest cars. In 1995 its top speed of 220mph was greater than that of a Ferrari F50 or Jaguar XJ220 — in fact the only machine faster in period was the mighty McLaren F1. 0-60mph took less than 3.5 seconds! Available in rear or all-wheel drive, the CTR2’s 520bhp twin-turbocharged 3.6-litre engine was actually derived from that of the Porsche 962 Group C racer, hence the 'C' in its name. A later revision boosted power to 580bhp.

RUF also went to great lengths to strengthen the 993’s body and develop its own suspension for the car. A roll cage, larger brakes, kevlar bodywork, bespoke rear wing and lightweight glass were all incorporated into the CTR2’s design to create one of the most potent supercars in the world.

Just 16 were made, and this CTR2 features an all-wheel drive chassis as well as the 580bhp version of the engine. The genuine car is listed with RUF UK and is a 1997 model with just over 18,000-miles on the clock. It appears in near perfect condition, complete with an opinion-splitting green interior.

If you’re looking for a rarified modern classic supercar with enough performance to shame many modern creations, look no further.

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