Join Team Shelby on its Grand Tour of Europe and UK

Cobra or Mustang fans will love the Team Shelby Grand Tour, which visits Le Mans Classic and Goodwood Festival of Speed – but book quickly!

The factory-supported Team Shelby is organising a Grand Tour of Europe. Travelling through four countries over 11 days, it will celebrate Carroll Shelby’s world championships and recognise that so many of his most important racing victories were earned in Europe.

Places are still available on the tour, which will wind its way along the continent’s best driving roads and stop off at famous shows including two of the most important car events in the world – the Le Mans Classic in France and Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK.

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It’s also possible to join the tour only on certain segments, if the full 11-day tour is too much. There’s even an ‘à la carte’ option to simply attend one of the key days. Tickets are extremely limited – but we think the prices and the experiences on offer look great, so if you’re interested we’d advise you to book quickly.

You can see the full schedule and book your package on the Team Shelby website.

Team Shelby Grand Tour packages

Prices include all scheduled lunches, dinners, event activities, parties and more during the designated dates.

Team Shelby Grand Tour Europe Experience July 4-15, $2495 per person

Team Shelby Le Mans Classic Experience July 6-9, $1350 per person

Team Shelby Festival of Speed Experience July 12-15, $1350 per person

Team Shelby tickets for one-day options

Le Mans Classic ticket with hospitality July 7, $185 per person

Ford Lommel Proving Ground Private Tour July 11, $175 per person

Goodwood Festival of Speed with private lunch reception July 14, $325 per person

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Team Shelby Grand Tour schedule

July 4: Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • Team Shelby Grand Tour kick-off party

July 5: Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • Morning drive to Pietersen US Cars & Bikes for car party and lunch
  • Drive to northern France
  • Group dinner

Team Shelby Le Mans Classic Experience

July 6: Le Mans, France

  • Morning drive from northern France to Le Mans
  • Party in Le Mans

July 7: Le Mans, France

  • Attend Le Mans Classic
  • Hospitality and tours with VIPs, and the Mustang and Shelby Clubs of France

July 8: Paris, France

  • Morning drive to Paris
  • Party at American Car City Shelby dealership
  • Spend the night in Paris

July 9: Paris, France

  • Private sight-seeing
  • Dinner party

Team Shelby Lommel Tour Experience

July 10: Spa, Belgium

  • Morning drive to Spa, Belgium
  • Visit old Reims-Gueux racetrack and lunch at Le Bistro du Circuit in Gueux
  • Tour the countryside

July 11: Lommel, Belgium

  • Drive to Lommel (1.5 hours from Spa)
  • Tour and drive the Ford Proving Grounds

Team Shelby Goodwood Festival of Speed Experience

July 12: Folkestone, Lingfield

  • Morning drive from Eindhoven to Calais
  • Take the Eurotunnel to Folkestone
  • Scenic drive to Lingfield

July 13: Beaulieu, New Forest, Hampshire

  • Scenic drive to National Motor Museum, Beaulieu
  • Private tour of Beaulieu and lunch
  • ‘Welcome to the UK’ dinner at the hotel

July 14: Goodwood

  • Attend Goodwood Festival of Speed
  • Private group lunch with VIPs and a special ‘Goodwood moment’
  • Evening party in the Goodwood area

July 15: Southampton

  • Team Shelby brunch

Note that fuel, airfare, taxes, insurance, flights, car rental and hotel are not included.

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