Bizarre 2010 Camaro With Classic Trans Am Nose Needs Home

This fifth-generation Camaro has a face only a mother could love

When the Camaro returned after a rocky and uncertain hiatus for the 5th-generation, a lot of people were left wondering about the Pontiac Firebirds and Trans Ams. After all, the cars have run simultaneously together for decades, so bringing back only the Camaro for more generations, after the 2002 platform cut, felt a little empty for some. But how would a Pontiac muscle car ever return when the whole company was snuffed at this point. However, to meet the demand, aftermarket companies have since stepped up to fill the demand for a ‘new’ Trans Am, and this 2010 Camaro on eBay represents at least an attempt to do so.

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Is this a successful Trans Am build? We won’t tell you how to feel about it, but it certainly lacks the complete makeover and attention to details that those that roll out of companies like Trans Am Worldwide (credited for the modern Bandit Trans Am, Super Duty T/A, and others). This is certainly an interesting interruption of what a fifth-generation Trans Am might have looked like, but it would hard to imagine this sitting on a dealership lot. 

With all respect to the builders, this feels more like a Camaro had its bumper hacked up and morphed with design elements of the 1969 Trans Am, and bolted back into place. Otherwise, the hood has Ram Air scoops, there’s some brake vents, and it’s sporting the famous white and blue color from the first run of the T/A. The ad offers that, "All body panels on the car are modified except the roof,” for the Trans Am bodykit.

The purpose of this car was to show off the builder’s work at the 2012 SEMA show. Keep in mind that the platform was still very new to the world around the time this car was under the knife, and SEMA cars typically represent the extreme end of the aftermarket, and this car is extreme, is nothing else.

While the price is hovering at $10K, we all know that this means nothing in the world of eBay ads with several days left on the auction. We’ll be keeping an eye on this one to see if it moves to a new home.

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