1994 Toyota Supras are now being valued at six-digits!

This stock 1994 Toyota Supra just got a new owner, and a valuation over $100,000

The Toyota Supra rose to its peak of popularity in 2001 when Vin Diesel uttered the famous line 'You owe me a 10-second car' in the first of the Fast and Furious movies. What would follow would be a long list of Supra owners who would modify their cars to extreme measures. This particular Supra you see before you is not one of those cars, making it a rarity amongst its kinship models - and it just sold on Bring a Trailer for $121,000 (£95,150, €106,050).

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Almost no other car can compare to the explosive popularity and value of Toyota's fourth generation Supra following the movie. For example, the 1993 Supra driven by Paul Walker in the F&F movie sold for $185,000 in 2015 – a full $115,000 more than non-movie cars, and $135,000 more than when it was new. That was an iconic movie car, yes, but this latest example is not.

The Toyota Supra was no sucker when it left the factory in '94, with a twin-turbo system feeding the 3.0-litre 2JZ-GTE inline-six. It is rated at 320hp, just 35hp shy of the '94 Porsche 911 Turbo. This ultra-clean example only has 7111 miles on the clock, so the new owner is a going to be able to experience what it’s like to drive the car in new condition.

Sporting a slick coat of Renaissance Red and tan leather interior, the car was initially leased in Florida in '94, then the lessee purchased it in '99 after moving to Pennsylvania. The selling dealer that listed the car purchased it almost two years ago, where it was stored in a climate controlled building until it was sold this week.

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