The rare prototype Ferrari being sold for just $36,600

This is the cheapest prototype V8-powered Ferrari money can buy! It might be a Mondiale, but it's still a piece of Ferrari history.

All the big money Ferraris seem to be going on sale at auction right now, including a car that gained a world record last year - a Targa Florio-winning 250 GTO at $48,405,000. Recently there has been a huge flurry of cars being announced for auction with expected selling prices in the millions. So here is something refreshing, a 1989 Ferrari Mondial T prototype with an auction estimate of no more than $36,600.

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Prototype vehicles normally attract larger sums due to their inevitable rarity and element of intrigue. The Mondiale probably isn’t a name ingrained in casual Ferrari fans’ minds, but the V8 car was actually fairly significant in the direction of Ferrari’s road car division, especially the final ‘T’ form of the car. The name referred to the layout of the engine and gearbox, with the former being positioned longitudinally and the gearbox transversely.

The Mondial T was introduced in 1988, and produced until ‘93 in coupe and cabriolet form. It was also made in right-hand drive, with all models following a 2+2 seating layout. The 3.4-litre Tipo F119 V8 engine in the car is the same one that was used in the various versions of the 348, which in turn followed design cues from the Mondial, including its wedge shaped front end.

It’s unknown how many of the prototype models are in existence, and this one even boasts Pininfarina wheels, quattrovalvole badging, a longitudinally-placed clutch, and most noticeably the entirely affordable estimate price of ¥2,500,000 - ¥4,000,000 ($22,900 - $36,600, £18,150 - £29,050, €20,100 - €32,200) for its sale at the Tokyo Auto Salon with BH Auction. The Mondial T was the very last of Ferrari’s midship four-seater models, but it was also a forerunner for parts that found a home on Ferraris made as late as 2005.

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