1989 Audi Quattro for sale: Never raced or rallied

Finding a homologation special that’s been cared for delicately its entire life is like finding an needle in a haystack – but this Audi Quattro might be that needle

Legendary in many circles – whether it rallying, automotive, or fans of coarse television detectives – the Audi Quattro was a mean, lean rally machine for the road.

So, imagine our surprise when coming across a Quattro for sale which has reputedly never been subjected to any track day hooning, or being thrown sideways down a narrow British country lane. This Quattro currently available at auction for only £5000 might be the best example on the market.

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The Audi Quattro was born of a desire for the German marque to conquer rallying. Featuring an innovative four-wheel-drive system controlled by a centre differential, it made the rear-wheel-drive rallying standard obsolete, it won two manufacturers’ and two drivers’ world championships.

Referred to as Group B, the golden era of rallying in which the Quattro was born and mastered, required manufacturers to build at least 200 road going versions of their rally machines for homologation purposes. Fire-breathing ferocious monsters for the road resulted, with a handful of lucky individuals able to buy what was effectively a Group B rally car for road use.

This particular example appears in remarkable condition for a machine designed to be pushed to the limit. Its owner a frequent member of the Audi Quattro Owners Club, it’s even won classic car show awards for its condition.

What’s particularly impressive about this Quattro is how close to original spec it remains after nearly 30 years of use. Still fitted with factory specification Dunlop tyres, it’s also coated in the optional extra Pearlescent White paint, which was professionally resprayed back in 2005.

Only a handful of aftermarket parts are fitted; a Milltek stainless steel exhaust and a CD/radio unit which replaced the original cassette deck. A little touch up here and there will be needed for minor rust bubbles – an Achilles heel of non-galvanised metal.

Overall though, this looks like a particularly strong example of an unforgettable homologation special. There’s not long left until its sale completes either, which ends on November 3, so make like Hannu Mikkola over to the auction website and bid before it’s gone.

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