1973 Riley Elf MK3 for sale: The quirky Mini saloon

The Riley Elf might not have been everyone's cup of tea, but this more practical Mini is a rare sight today. Check out this highly original example

Everyone loves the Mini, with its characterful styling, dinky proportions and plucky handling. This British icon also gave birth to several related models belonging to sister companies under British Leyland. While the Riley Elf was nowhere near as popular as the original Mini, today it’s a curious throwback. Spotted on Ebay is a well looked after Riley Elf MK3 with documentation dating back to 1967.

In layman’s terms, the Riley Elf was slightly modified Mini with a new fascia and extended boot. The larger cargo space gave this little car the appearance of a miniaturised premium saloon model with a three-box design. While the car was slightly longer than a Mini, the wheelbase and interior space remained the same. Plusher materials were introduced and helped sell the Elf as a more upmarket motor.

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This MK3 model from 1967 has clearly been the pride and joy of its current owner, who bought the car in 2007. It was used as a daily driver until 2012 when it was used more occasionally, but has still been well maintained. The car is highly original with no welding work or new panels fitted. In fact, the only non-original part is the stereo, but the owner thinks he still has the radio that was replaced.

Maintenance has been carried out well in advance of necessity with things like a new rear sub frame being fitted in 2012 due to an advisory. The advert contains a detailed list of restored parts and work carried out over the years. In addition to complete documentation from 1963 to present-day, you can also purchase an extensive list of spare parts from the same seller.

The car’s mileage isn’t exact due to a reset in 1986, but the odometer currently reads 12,476-miles. There’s also a few spots of rust starting to appear, but in comparison to other examples this Riley has been well preserved for its age.

The Riley Elf is an acquired taste when it comes to the visuals, but it preserves the nimble handling that the Mini is loved for. Currently the car is listed for £6,000 ($7,794) but the seller is open to offers.

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