This 1970 Shala-Vet Is Searching For A New Home

Based on a Volkswagen buggy, the 1970 Shala-Vet comes from the mind of movie car builder

If you’re wondering what the heck a ‘Shala-Vet’ is, you’re certainly not alone. This is a custom-built car by Dick Dean, a customizer who worked for George Barris; the mastermind behind various iconic vehicles for movies and TV. This car was made to stand out, as it represents a car used in a wild movie.

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Dick worked with Bill Hines and George Barris to produces the Muster Koach, Dragula, Surf Woody, Black Beauty, and many other famous and crazy looking cars. This Shala-Vet is a VW buggy that looks like a miniature Corvette, and is powered by a Volkswagen engine.

The first Shala-Vet made was used in the original Death Race 2000 and driven by David Carradine as Frankenstein. Dick would go on to build some other full Shala-Vet cars, and made many other kits to add to VWs. The ad indicates that 12-15 were created, which is an unverifiable number, but there’s likely only a few still in existence regardless.

The one currently for sale on eBay is a complete example of one of the originals built by Dick Dean. It is noted as being a show car, and only has 5000 miles on the clock. Its engine is a 1835cc with dual 44 Dellortors and 110 Eagle camshaft. Backing the engine is a four-speed transmission - and while not specified, we’re assuming its a manual.

The interior comes curtesy of Willie Custom Upholstery, and the convertible top is from Uribas Upholstery. A surprising touch is the Porsche 914 seats with four-point harness, and push start ignition. As with most buggy builds, this has a complete roll cage.

In the ad, the paint color is noted simply as being ‘1970’s Green’, and is covering a fully fiberglass body rolls on staggered Parnelli Jones wheels/tires, and the original stock suspension.

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