1963 Morris Mini: A TV star you can own!

After a classic Mini with screen provenance? We’ve got just the vehicle for you. But can you guess which British show it featured in?

The only thing you’d catch with this ‘Police’ Mini is a cold. Boasting an overwhelmed 848cc engine and stressed top speed of 72mph, the humble British people’s car can register a 0-60mph sprint on a sundial. With villains scorching tarmac behind the wheel of various high-speed contemporary Jaguars of the time, apprehending any form of criminal would be impossible. Unless they were on foot.

As such, this Mini trumpets a record of zero arrests. But not for the reason you may expect. The vehicle is, in fact, an imposter. This is not a genuine police car, rather the British stalwart is a TV star.

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To those without the broadcasting reach of ITV – you lucky people, a particular flagship programme spanning almost two decades was ‘Heartbeat’. If you can imagine what a show would look like should the good people at Worther’s Originals develop their own storylines, you’d be on the money.

In this particular show, it remained 1963 for the best part of 17 years, broadcast between 1992 and 2009; stretching out storylines about cake, tea, farming and mild police work. Nothing offered the sheer suspense of unmasking the individual responsible for defacing the church wall or stealing a typewriter.

Regardless of the twee set-up and cosy Sunday evening time slot, petrolheads would secretly tune in for a deviant gaze over the classic cars featured each week. From Morris Minors to Land Rovers, Ford Anglias and everything in between, an entire range of British automotive icons were employed to give the programme gravitas for a proper period setting.

And that’s where this Mini stems from. Featured throughout episodes from the early 1990s, the Mini retains its period dress and lawful stance for a timewarp like no other. Heartbeat may have wrapped up nearly a decade ago, but the Mini is still going strong.

It’s worth noting that the Mini isn’t quite in concourse condition, with slight damage to the passenger seat and a hint of rust from the wheelarches, but this won’t break the bank to put right. Get a closer look with the AutoClassics classified advert.

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